Communities of
Compassionate Care


The Zendo Project provides professional comprehensive harm reduction education and support for communities to help inform and transform difficult psychedelic experiences into opportunities for learning and growth.


We envision a world where communities are educated, resourced, and engaged in applying harm reduction principles to support individuals exploring psychedelic states; recognizing that challenging experiences can be opportunities for self-exploration and healing.

Zendo Project at Burning Man 2022

The Zendo Project is excited to provide peer support services again in 2022, located at 3:00 & C and 9:00 & C, next to medical. We look forward to reconnecting with volunteers and all of the citizens of Black Rock City this year!


Training & Educational Opportunities

Our organization recognizes the need to expand psychedelic harm reduction far beyond festivals and events so that we can bring education to all communities. We are excited to continue offering trainings in the late summer of 2022. Please sign up for our email newsletter get updates about our upcoming trainings as dates become available.


Professional consultation services are available for multi-responder personnel, event production, safety teams and mental health professionals.


Learn the principles of psychedelic support, the ethics of being a sitter and determine when to seek support from medical or mental health professionals.


A collection of hotlines, manuals, organizations and websites for psychedelic support, education and harm reduction.

4 Zendo Project Principles
of Psychedelic Peer Support


“After doing psychedelics the night before, I felt I needed to talk to someone about what was happening in my head. My friend was sleeping so I knew that people at the Zendo would be able to help out. All I wanted was to talk to someone that could listen. I found that at Zendo. Thank you. This has been an important part of my journey at Burning Man.”

"For the first time in a long time, I truly felt safe. I woke up in a brand new world. I embraced the vulnerable feelings and integrated the experience by relaxing with friends and family back at camp. Thank you, Zendo!"

"Zendo was an amazing resource. It transformed what could've been a physically risky and emotionally devastating night into a powerful experience of growth and an emotional cleansing."

"It was one of my first times using psychedelics, and I was not fully prepared at the time for the experience. I was so grateful to have reached the Zendo. I felt safe, away from the chaos. I was able to talk about the emotions that I have suppressed for so long."

"After learning from Zendo Project, I am now more responsible. I practice and spread harm reduction practices among my social group."

"My sister was in a bad place and you guys gave us a great place to get back a more normal place. Thank you so much. I would be interested in doing a volunteer shift to learn more."

"The Zendo staff has welcomed me into the safe and calm space. They have turned their entire attention towards me throughout the entire experience starting from me coming, entering, talking, napping for three hours,  eating Zendo-provided snacks, and leaving."

"I am very grateful for you. You have changed my entire life. I did not know who to turn to after my LSD trip and did not know anyone who could decipher the meaning behind my experience until this day."

"I knew that my sitter had helped because before going to Zendo, all I wanted to do was get drunk at a random bar so that I could pass out early in my tent. After talking, I wanted to spend time with my friends and go explore, which I did. I had a really nice night after visiting Zendo."

"Positively transformed a difficult psychedelic experience through the attentive and compassionate care provided by the stellar team of volunteers maintaining a comfortable space amid the overwhelming environment."

“I just wanted you all to know that what you all are doing is greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work and hopefully society will begin to see the capability that psychedelics hold in bringing the individual personal peace.”

“Zendo is great. Everyone I spoke with during the burn about Zendo was very appreciative about this service. It is very helpful to the people who come, as guests and as volunteers. I was really glad to have a role at Burning Man and the opportunity to meet cool people and do a valuable service. The philosophy of Zendo is right on and totally works, and is very simple to learn.”

“The Zendo was perfect. I came in feeling desperate and dry, like the only thing I knew how to do was ask for help…You made sure I had food and water. That I was alive and that I could keep on being alive. So warm, so open, so gracious and human.”

“The moment I walked into the Zendo I started crying – as I do when I’m hurt and I see my mother. I found release here to be open enough to be exactly where I was at.”

“Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your attention and empathy late Tuesday night at the Zendo. That night ended up being a real turning point for our camp and for me, with everyone reuniting at the temple at sunrise. The crazy experience and crazy weather really brought us all closer together in the end. It made a huge difference to have your help processing reality when it was a bit challenging to figure out what was real.”

Do You Have a Testimonial or Feedback?

The Zendo Project is always interested in hearing more from our community about your experiences with our services, volunteering, and our trainings.  You can choose whether to share your information or remain anonymous.

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