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Our organization recognizes the need to expand psychedelic harm reduction far beyond festivals and events so that we can bring education to all communities.
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Discover Opportunities to…

Peer Support

Offer Peer Support

The Zendo offers peer to peer counseling with individuals who are trained to work with overwhelming experiences.


Gain Experience

Many of our volunteers are mental health professionals, psychedelic researchers, and medical service providers.


Diversify your Community

Others have training in a variety of healing modalities or other relevant experience that can be shared among community.


Education and Training

We provide our volunteers with an on-site comprehensive training which further prepares them for offering harm reduction services.

Burning Man 2023 Volunteer
Application Now Closed

Our application is now closed.

We’re currently in the process of sorting applications and will be responding to everyone by July 14th. 

If you have any questions, please email

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2023 Burning Man volunteer application! 

Before filling out your application, read the information below thoroughly.

We encourage you to fill out the application sooner than later, as earlier applicants will be given priority when final considerations are made.

Applications opened on April 20th, 2023. Please read through the information below thoroughly before you click the button to apply.

The application will close on July 9th, 2023 but may close sooner depending upon the total quantity of applicants. 


To volunteer for the Zendo Project at Burning Man, you must purchase your own ticket! Please note, if your application is approved, you will not be officially accepted as a volunteer until you confirm that you have a ticket. You will have an opportunity to let us know your ticket status once you are accepted as a volunteer. You can find ticketing information by visiting the Burning Man ticketing website.


There are many ways to camp at Burning Man. The most common is with a theme camp. If you do not already have a camp, you can look through the list of camps from 2022 to find one to contact and join. Many folks really enjoy walk-in camping. You can read about this option and more on the Burning Man camping page. Zendo Project does not provide camping for volunteers, except for Logistics and Teardown/Strike positions. However, we do have a sister camp that you may be able to join. There’s a question on the application where you can indicate your interest.

Covid Safety

Each project at Burning Man is responsible for their own health and safety protocols. While we do not foresee the need for masks nor covid testing, we are asking about willingness to wear a mask and/or take a covid test onsite prior to sitting with guests in the Zendo should anyone on our team test positive while at the event. Thank you for your compassionate care. 

Roles Within the Zendo

While being a Sitter is what many people think of when they think of Zendo Project at events, there are many key roles in addition to a Sitter that make the magic of Zendo happen. This year, we are changing things up a bit to support team cohesion and flow within the Zendo.

One of these new changes is that volunteers will work both shifts in the Zendo with the same cohort. This means volunteers will have the same role for all shifts which allows for more support from Supervisors and Shift Leads and more opportunities for team building and establishing a connection with fellow volunteers. It also allows for specific training and mastery of an assigned role. 

Additionally, there are some important changes for volunteers who sign up for the Logistics role. The Logistics volunteer role supports key operations including refilling supplies, caring for the space, and communicating with other Burning Man departments. Volunteers who sign up for this role or for a Teardown/Strike role, which helps us break down the Zendo structures on Monday after the burn, will be invited to camp in our Work Support Camp in the 2 o’clock sector. More details will be provided upon acceptance of your application.

Shift Information

In the spirit of self-care, Zendo Project successfully reduced the length of most volunteer shifts from eight-hour shifts to six-hour shifts for Burning Man 2022. We are happy to announce that we will continue this for Burning Man 2023. As such, most volunteers will ultimately be required to volunteer for a minimum of two six-hour shifts, with an option to volunteer for a third shift. Volunteers will also be required to participate in our comprehensive peer support training. This includes a self-paced online training module, a three-hour zoom training prior to Burning Man, and a two-hour onsite role-play training.


In support of Burning Man’s Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Initiative (R.I.D.E.), the Zendo Project is collecting data on identity factors from Zendo Project volunteer applicants, with the intention to increase diversity among Zendo Project volunteers and support all efforts for a more equitable Black Rock City. To help support our values of safe and radically inclusive spaces, we are excited to announce our Pulse team.

Pulse: A Volunteer Support Team

In collaboration with Burning Man’s R.I.D.E. program, we are also constructing a new team within the organization to better support Zendo Project volunteer wellness and community sustainability, with an emphasis on culturally competent care and radical inclusion. The Pulse Team is a diverse team that advocates for and implements volunteer integration and support, conflict resolution, and volunteer feedback. For more information or to inquire about offering wellness services to Zendo Project volunteers, reach out to


Here are some guidelines for creating an accurate, informative, and robust application:

  • Be honest
  • Be thorough but concise
  • Elaborate on the essential parts of your story
  • Distill your experiences to their crucial parts
  • Leave out non-essential information

All volunteers are required to upload a profile photo with their application.

While we love fun photos of you at festivals or getting wacky at parties, we want to see your eyes and face so that we can either remember you from our past events or recognize you when we meet for the first time.

We are so excited to head back out to Black Rock City with the support of all our amazing volunteers! Wishing you all a wonderful spring! If you have any questions, please email

Burning Man 2016 Volunteer Training