Training & Educational Opportunities

Our organization recognizes the need to expand psychedelic harm reduction far beyond festivals and events so that we can bring education to all communities. We are excited to continue offering trainings in the late summer of 2022. Please sign up for our email newsletter get updates about our upcoming trainings as dates become available.

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Discover Opportunities to…

Peer Support

Offer Peer Support

The Zendo offers peer to peer counseling with individuals who are trained to work with overwhelming experiences.


Gain Experience

Many of our volunteers are mental health professionals, psychedelic researchers, and medical service providers.


Diversify your Community

Others have training in a variety of healing modalities or other relevant experience that can be shared among community.


Education and Training

We provide our volunteers with an on-site comprehensive training which further prepares them for offering harm reduction services.

Burning Man 2016 Volunteer Training