Peer Support

The Zendo offers peer to peer counseling with individuals who are trained to work with overwhelming experiences.


Many of our volunteers are mental health professionals, psychedelic researchers, and medical service providers.


Others have training in holistic healing modalities or other relevant experience.


We provide our volunteers with an on-site comprehensive training which further prepares them for offering harm reduction services.

Burning Man 2022 Zendo Project Application (Now Closed)

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2022 Burning Man volunteer application!

    Please read through the information below before filling out your application.





      To volunteer for the Zendo Project at Burning Man, you must purchase your own ticket!

      You may apply even if you have not yet secured a ticket.

      If your application is approved, you will not be officially accepted as a volunteer until you confirm that you have a ticket.


      COVID Safety


      Each project at Burning Man is responsible for their own health and safety protocols. We are still determining protocols for the Zendo Project support spaces.

      Therefore, we are asking about vaccine status and willingness to mask during shifts in our application.

      Specific protocol for keeping volunteers and guests safe will be released closer to the event. Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unpredictable times.


      Shift Length


      In the spirit of self-care, Zendo Project is aspiring to reduce volunteer shift length from 8-hour shifts to 6-hour shifts for Burning Man 2022. The final determination will depend on how many applicants are able to secure Burning Man tickets.

      As such, volunteers will ultimately be required to volunteer for at least two six-hour OR two eight-hour shifts, with an option for volunteering a third shift. Volunteers will also be required to participate in our comprehensive peer support training. This includes a self-paced online training module, a three-hour zoom training prior to Burning Man, and a two-hour onsite role-play training.




      In support of Burning Man’s Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Initiative (R.I.D.E), the Zendo Project is collecting data on identity factors from Zendo Project volunteer applicants, with the intention to increase diversity among Zendo Project volunteers and support all efforts for a more equitable Black Rock City. We will have more announcements about these efforts as we get closer to the event.


      Application Guidelines


      Here are our recommended guidelines for creating an accurate, informative, and robust application:

      1. Be honest
      2. Be thorough, but concise
      3. Elaborate on the essential parts of your story
      4. Distill your experiences to their crucial parts
      5. Omit all non-essential information

      Photo Guidelines

      All volunteers are required to upload a profile photo with their application.

      While we love fun photos of you at festivals or getting wacky at parties, we want to see your eyes and face so that we can either remember you from our past events or recognize you when we meet for the first time.



        Zendo Project Volunteers

        1. Our volunteers are committed to offering support to individuals undergoing challenging or overwhelming experiences.
        2. Our volunteers must be able to assist in crisis situations while remaining calm and grounded.
        3. Our volunteers conduct themselves with impecible ethics
        4. Our volunteers are trained, mentored and evaluated for long-term fit
        5. Our volunteers represent a diverse spectrum of modalities, from a variety of different backgrounds and are knowledgable in the fields of psychedelics, psychology, and psychotherapy.