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The Zendo Project's fundraising goal of $100,000 was exceeded! We extend our sincere appreciation to the 412 donors who helped us raise $104,998, with special gratitude to the generous donors who provided matching grants: Riverstyx Foundation ($30,000), Connor Hill ($15,000), and Dan McMurtrie ($10,000). You may always make a gift to support the Zendo Project by visiting our Donate page. Thank you!

Fundraising Goal: $100,000


Complete a volunteer profile, apply and get trained to provide psychedelic peer support at the festivals and events where Zendo Project provides services.


Learn the principles of psychedelic support, the ethics of being a sitter and determine when to seek support from medical or mental health professionals.


Share your personal experience about how being a guest or sitter with Zendo Project has made a positive and transformational impact in your life.

Upcoming Events & Trainings

Sleeping Octopus

Sep 27, 2019

Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania

Join Zendo Project at our 2nd consecutive year at the Sleeping Octopus Assembly on Psychedelics.  We will be presenting this training on the Friday night before the weekend conference.

Psychedelic Peer Support Services

The Zendo Project provides a supportive environment and specialized care designed to transform difficult psychedelic experiences into valuable learning opportunities, and even potentially offer healing and growth. In turn, our work reduces the number of drug-related hospitalizations and arrests.


The mission of the Zendo Project is to provide a supportive environment and education to help transform difficult psychedelic and psychological experiences into opportunities for learning and growth.


We envision a world where communities are engaged in providing safety and support for people having psychedelic and psychological challenges; and harm reduction principles are used foremost to reduce the risks associated with substance use.

Compassionate Care for Overwhelming Situations


Festival producers are increasingly recognizing the necessity for spaces dedicated to helping individuals through the challenges that can result from the consumption of psychoactive substances. Psychological support services are beginning to be seen as equally important as medical care services in festival environments, where many individuals choose to use these substances.


The Zendo offers peer to peer counseling with individuals who are trained to work with overwhelming experiences. Many of our volunteers are mental health professionals, psychedelic researchers, and medical service providers. Others have training in holistic healing modalities or other relevant experience. We provide our volunteers with an on-site comprehensive training which further prepares them for offering harm reduction services.


In addition to creating safe spaces for those in need of support and assistance, the Zendo also provides harm reduction trainings for the public, providing education on how to work with challenging experiences and creating a platform for honest and responsible conversations about substance use.

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Zendo at Lightning In a Bottle

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Zendo at Envision Festival

Zendo at Envision Festival

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Transforming Drug Use at Festivals

Transforming Drug Use at Festivals

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