Zendo Project Fundraising Campaign 2019

Create a Community of Compassionate Care

Help Fund Psychedelic Peer Support Services

Fundraising Goal: $100,000


$104,998 raised by 412 donors

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Our fundraising goal of $100,000 will allow us to expand our outreach and education initiatives and bring our work to other countries as well as underrepresented communities here in the U.S.

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All donations to the Zendo Project up to $55,000 will be matched 1:1 thanks to a generous matching grant provided by the Riverstyx Foundation ($30,000), Connor Hill ($15,000), and Dan McMurtrie ($10,000).

Transform Challenging Psychedelic Experiences

The Zendo Project is a non-profit psychedelic peer support program that provides emotional support services in a comfortable setting for individuals coping with the difficult mental and emotional effects that can arise from the use of psychedelic substances at festivals and events. We provide resources and support for guests free of charge.

Generally referred to as “bad trips,” difficult psychedelic experiences are common, especially in recreational settings. Psychedelics can give rise to a wide spectrum of experiences, and many people find themselves unprepared for coping with the difficult or unfamiliar effects that may occur.

The Zendo Project demonstrates an effective method for working with difficult psychedelic experiences. We specialize in a compassionate, humane approach and understand the mental and emotional effects of psychoactive substances like LSD, MDMA, ketamine, cannabis, and psilocybin mushrooms.

Safe and Compassionate Spaces

We provide a safe space and specialized care to de-escalate challenging situations, which prevents unnecessary psychiatric hospitalization, arrest, and trauma.

We empower communities by providing hands-on educational workshops, training, and outreach focused on how to address difficult psychedelic experiences.

Our Mission and Goals

By making a donation to the Zendo Project, you’re supporting:

  • Staffing events, training volunteers, empowering local communities, educating the public
  • Securing infrastructure/supplies:
    • Supply storage: box trucks, trailers, shipping containers
    • Transportation/mobility: golf carts, kubotas, cargo vans
    • Staff and volunteer infrastructure: tents, camping structures, shade structures
    • Supplies for guests: cots, bedding, food, blankets
    • Administrative supplies
  • Facilitating the expansion of psychedelic peer support services:
    • Trainings for marginalized communities
    • Low-income training scholarships
    • Training and consultation services for grassroots peer support organizations
    • Internal personnel to support our mission
  • Outreach to strategic partners 
  • Providing specialized trainings to emergency service professionals

In order to provide care for thousands of people this year, we need your support.

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

There is a growing need for more informed interventions for those who choose to use psychedelic substances.

Psychedelics have risks, which can be exacerbated by dosage, adulteration, environment, dehydration, and strenuous activities. Negative or traumatic experiences due to psychedelic use are more likely to occur in recreational settings.


To thank you for your support of this campaign, all donors contributing over $10 are eligible to receive a variety of exclusive perks.

Zendo Project Digital Download

All supporters donating $10 or more will receive access to download the Zendo Project Digital Collection, featuring The Manual of Psychedelic Support: A Practical Guide to Establishing and Facilitating Care Services at Music Festivals and Other Events, visionary artwork, multimedia content, and desktop background graphics.

Zendo Project Sticker (2019 Limited Edition)

Promote psychedelic peer support with the limited edition Zendo Project Sticker, exclusively available for supporters who donate $25 or more during this fundraising campaign. Digital Collection included.

Zendo Project Enamel Pin (2019 Limited Edition)

Start conversations and spread awareness about psychedelic peer support with the durable Zendo Project Enamel Pin, a high-quality 1.5-inch pin featuring a golden design. Sticker and Digital Collection included.

Zendo Project Webinar Series

The Zendo Project Webinar Series perk features five 90-minute video recordings of psychedelic education provided by leaders in the harm reduction and psychedelic communities. This curated collection of lessons will teach you how to provide support for people having difficult psychedelic experiences, how to access resources for safer partying and drug testing, and how to reduce the risks associated with psychedelics through preparation, integration, and ethics. Enamel Pin, Sticker, and Digital Collection included.

Zendo Project Psychedelic Integration Journal (2019 Limited Edition) $150

Manifest your mind and set intentions with the hardcover Zendo Project Psychedelic Integration Journal, featuring a tactile imprint of our logo and 160 pages to process your unique experiences. Webinar Series, Enamel Pin, Sticker, and Digital Collection included.

Zendo Project Visionary Hooded Blanket (2019 Limited Edition)

Stay comfortable and warm during journeys with the Zendo Project Visionary Hooded Blanket, a fun, soft, and portable accessory featuring beautiful visionary artwork. Psychedelic Integration Journal, Webinar Series, Enamel Pin, Sticker, and Digital Collection included.

Zendo Project Messenger Bag (2019 Limited Edition)

Expand your ability to hold space with the Zendo Project Messenger Bag, a spacious container for your favorite items and a collection of all prior donor perks. Visionary Hooded Blanket, Psychedelic Integration Journal, Webinar Series, Enamel Pin, Sticker, and Digital Collection included.

Zendo Project Altar Engraving

Proudly display your name in the spaces we create together with the Zendo Project Altar Engraving, a special opportunity to be recognized on an exclusively-designed art piece that serves as an intentional spot for guests and volunteers to build upon. Messenger Bag, Visionary Hooded Blanket, Psychedelic Integration Journal, Webinar Series, Enamel Pin, Sticker, and Digital Collection included.

All gifts help us make a meaningful impact for individuals having a difficult psychedelic experience.

The Zendo Project’s Impact

The Zendo Project is an industry leader in the harm reduction movement. There is an increasing demand and appreciation for these services from the community and festival producers.
The Zendo Project is unique in its scope and sphere of influence. We are a leader in the field of psychedelic harm reduction.
These are some of the ways in which the Zendo Project is unique and has made an impact:

  • Compassionately supports guests to help mitigate potential trauma  
  • Since 2012, over 4,000 individuals have received support from the Zendo Project
  • Since 2012, the Zendo Project has trained over 3,000 volunteers
  • Reached over 100,000 with our videos and educational materials.  
  • Strengthened international communities and has providing outreach and services in the United States, Costa Rica, Africa, Portugal
  • Provided training and consultation to organizations interested in forming psychedelic peer support organizations in their communities.

Our current impact in the transformational festival circuit is only addressing a fraction of the individuals and communities that could potentially benefit from our services, education, and outreach.

Donate now to create havens for the healing of hearts and minds

The Zendo Project at Burning Man 2019

The Zendo Project began at Burning Man in 2012. This year, we will provide services for the eighth consecutive year. This year, we will have two locations on the playa. We will also offer our annual public training workshop for both our volunteers and the citizens of Black Rock City.

Burning Man is our biggest event of the year. With your help, we can continue to have an impact on all who attend this transformational gathering.

Join this transformational movement today.

“The Zendo Project is a model for compassionately responding to people in difficult emotional states. It is our intention to inspire and support the development of other peer support initiatives around the world.”

Sara Gael
Director of Harm Reduction, Zendo Project

Zendo Project History: Festivals and Events

About MAPS

The Zendo Project was developed in 2012 through the professional expertise of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), one of the world’s largest psychedelic research organizations. MAPS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. Since our founding in 1986, MAPS has raised over $68 million for psychedelic and medical marijuana research and education. Every dollar has come from visionary donors committed to our mission. For now, the continued expansion of psychedelic research and education relies on the generosity of individual donors.

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