Providing Safety & Support for Transformational Festivals

Integration & Cooperation with Security and Medical
To Ensure Safety for Attendees

The Zendo Project has been a presence at domestic and international festivals and events since 2012,  successfully assisting thousands of guests undergoing difficult experiences, substance related or otherwise. We integrate and collaborate with medical staff  and festival security, supporting the health and safety of the festival community.

2020 Festival & Event Calendar

Catharsis on the Mall

May 1-3
National Mall
Washington, D.C.

Join Zendo Project at Washington D.C.'s regional Burning Man event, Catharsis on the Mall.  We will be providing psychedelic peer support for the 5th consecutive year, and delivering a public training on Saturday afternoon. Applications close on Monday, March 16.

Only Apply if You've Volunteered Before!

For the Catharsis on the Mall, we only accept applications from individuals who have trained AND volunteered with the Zendo Project within the last 3 years. Your application will only be considered for this event if you fall under this category.

Lightning in a Bottle

May 20-25

Buena Vista Vista Lake
Kern County, CA

Join Zendo Project at Lightning in a Bottle to provide psychedelic peer support for the 8th consecutive. We will have two sites and providing a public training on Thursday afternoon. More details to be announced in late spring. Applications close on Sunday, March 1.

Burning Man

August 30 - September 7
Black Rock City
North of Reno, NV

Join Zendo Project at Burning Man, where we will be providing psychedelic peer support for the 9th cosecutive year, and delivering a public training on Tuesday afternoon. More details to be announced in late spring.

Psychedelic First Aid for Festivals

Reducing the number of psychiatric hospitalizations and arrests

Demonstrating that safe, productive psychedelic experiences are possible without the need for law enforcement-based prohibitionist policies

Transforming difficult experiences into opportunities for learning and personal growth

Transforming Emergencies into Positive Outcomes

Providing Psychedelic Harm Reduction Services

We offer on-site training and education on psychedelic harm reduction and also provide a space for festival attendees to receive peer-to-peer counseling and compassionate care from volunteers who are trained to work with difficult experiences. Guests also receive a space to rest, water, electrolytes, and snacks. The Zendo is open 24/7 during the festival and is consistently monitored.

Knowledgable, Professional Support

Though the Zendo project is not considered therapy or psychiatric treatment, many of our volunteers have training in the mental health field. Our intention is to hold space for our guests and support them in their process so that they may integrate their experience in the most graceful way possible. When guests are in need of additional medical or mental health care, we help assist their transition into these services.

On-Site & Virtual Comprehensive Training

Zendo provides a comprehensive training at each festival for volunteers, and encourages medical and security staff to attend in order to gain more understanding on how to best handle people undergoing difficult or overwhelming experiences, psychedelic or otherwise.

Needed Services, Responsible Solutions

The reality is that no matter your policy, search, or security, some portion of the ticket holders at your event will be taking psychedelics. Zendo takes the burden off your security and medical teams by providing a specialized staff of individuals who have experience and expertise with these substances and situations.

Festival producers are increasingly recognizing the necessity for spaces dedicated to helping individuals through the challenges that can result from the consumption of psychoactive substances. Psychological support services are beginning to be seen as equally important as medical care services in festival environments, where many individuals choose to use these substances. Please contact us directly if you are an event organizer interested in bringing Zendo Project services to your event.

Contribute to the Cause

Because Zendo is part of, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all your contributions to the Zendo project are tax-deductible.