The Zendo Project provides professional comprehensive harm reduction education and support for communities to help inform and transform difficult psychedelic experiences into opportunities for learning and growth. We envision a world where communities are educated, resourced, and engaged in applying harm reduction principles to support individuals exploring psychedelic states; recognizing that challenging experiences can be opportunities for self-exploration and healing.

Role Title

Marketing & Communications Coordinator (MCC)

Reports To

Zendo Project Executive Director


Temp, Full-Time, Exempt, Eligible for Benefits


Within 30 miles of Grass Valley, California

Compensation & Benefits

This is an exempt position. The starting annual salary for this position is $68,000.  Compensation will vary based on experience.

Comprehensive benefits package including:

  • Health Care Benefits; Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, and AD&D
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Sick Time
  • Holiday Pay
  • 401k Retirement Plan – Begins on the first of the month following 90 days of employment


The Zendo Project Marketing & Communications Coordinator’s (MCC) primary focal points are creating and managing marketing and educational materials and coordinating tangible resources for events for the purposes of efficient execution of Zendo Project’s three primary goals; harm reduction services, peer support education, and policy/advocacy. Responsibilities are segmented into those related to Marketing and Education and those related to Event Logistics. Marketing and Education responsibilities include both those related to events as well as those that are part of broader strategy, policy and advocacy efforts. Event Logistics responsibilities are related to events and the coordination of tangible resources and inventory. In addition to supporting Zendo Project’s three primary goals, this role supports the fulfillment of Zendo Project’s mission and vision as well as its establishment as a standalone entity. 

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Liaise with MAPS, Zendo Project staff, Burning Man, event staff, and other allied organizations and contractors with professionalism and courtesy
  • Establish & maintain overall Marketing Content Calendar inclusive of website updates, e-newsletters, and social media
  • Contribute creative ideas and participate in collective brainstorming
  • Create design assets using Canva or similar software
  • Organize design assets and content using Google Drive or Content Management System (CMS) software that integrates with Google Drive
  • Update articles and posted content on the Zendo Project wordpress website
  • Create and send monthly ZEN email newsletters from templates, curating content and writing text copy
  • Support content creation and text copy for Zendo section of MAPS monthly email newsletter
  • Support content creation and text copy for Zendo participation in MAPS thrice-annual bulletin
  • Maintain email address segments and mailing lists within Mailchimp or similar software
  • Provide recommendations, feature and pricing comparison for email campaign software
  • Contribute recommendations for the overall improvement of the marketing program
  • Response and maintenance of Zendo Email and template replies
  • Regular, timely engagement with Zendo community on social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram via replies to direct messages and comments
  • Supply expertise for development of systems, strategic marketing and communication development
  • Support Executive Director with strategic marketing and fundraising planning
  • Support the establishment of a public volunteer profile on Zendo Project website
  • Support Social Media posting via maintenance of a social media posting calendar and submission of content and text copy to Social Media Manager (via Sprout)

Secondary / Supportive; 

  • Support continued community engagement and expansion including Facebook community groups
  • Support updates to AskZendo templated email response library for commonly asked questions
  • Support timely response to general inbox email inquiries
  • Support onboarding and management of remote volunteer support for marketing and curriculum development efforts


  • Review and update existing training materials in Google Slides, Moodle, and Google Docs
  • Provide recommendations, feature and pricing comparison for online learning management software
  • Supply expertise for continued development and streamlining of online training materials for use in webinars, in-person presentations and workshops, and in-house training of event volunteers
  • Develop and maintain a cohesive digital curriculum and training system across software platforms
  • Maintain list of qualified trainers to engage for trainings
  • Support the transition from a MAPS-supported project to a stand-alone entity


  • Organize and maintain tangible inventory assets in Grass Valley, California
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance of tangible inventory assets
  • Keep digital inventory records current
  • Coordinate other Zendo Project volunteers and staff to support event logistics efforts prior to and at events
  • Support and foster donor relationships under the direction of the Executive Director for the donation of in-kind goods and services

  • Existing experience in Google Workspace including Drive and Sheets, Asana, Notion, Slack, Telegram, Zoom and Mailchimp
  • Base level web building skills including WordPress
  • Base level familiarity with Sprout
  • Basic level skills in social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube
  • Basic design skills in programs including Canva, Hubspot, iMovie, Vimeo, and Google Slides or comparable software
  • Basic level skill and understanding of LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  • Quick learning on most software platforms
  • Strong leadership and communication skills with a passion for and a focus on team building and community development
  • Strong, versatile communication skills with all individuals and entities relevant to an organization
  • Attention to detail

Additional Competencies
  • Personal passion for the Zendo Project mission and psychedelic harm reduction
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and creative problem solving, able to problem solve and troubleshoot quickly
  • Self-managing of both time and resources
  • Ability to effectively manage competing and overlapping priorities
  • Solution-oriented and inspired to work in an environment that is mission-driven
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Strong grammar, spelling, and language skill

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